eDTT Workspace

eDigital Trade Transaction Workspace

DTT Workspace: The eDTT Workspace enables trade for Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) buyers and sellers everywhere, worldwide. The workspace vision is to promote worldwide prosperity through international trade. The workspace mission is to enable trade for everyone, everywhere. The workspace objective is to become the global standard for managing digital trade transactions. This is done by using digital interactive cloud shared trade transaction documents with a common business model, and face to face communications using video conferencing. The eDTT Workspace is intended for common use between importers, exporters, freight forwarders, logistic carriers and service providers.

The eDTT Workspace is sponsored by the San Diego and Imperial District Export Council (SDIDEC) for the global trade community to go digital under ICC eRules.

ICC eRules Implementation (URDTT & eUCP): The eDTT Workspace implements digital trade transaction documents (templates) that conform to ICC eRules with the Global Business Model procedures. The eDTT Workspace can be accessed directly from the Internet. There is no cost to use this application.