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ITFGlobal Limited

Certificate of Incorporation 017923V, Department For Enterprise, Isle of Man

Details of Directors - Ita McArdle , Rory Dearden , Registered Agent - IQE Limited , Registered Office - 2nd Floor, St Mary's Court, 20 Hill Street, Douglas, IM1 1EU, Isle of Man.

Contact details - Ita.Mcardle@ITFglobal.ie. Registered Number -017923V

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ITFglobal.ie Summary Fact Sheet

Our Vision is for companies worldwide to trade goods and services via the Internet.

Our Mission is to move trade transactions to electronic records instead of paper with ICC Rules, thus enabling buyers and sellers to trade goods and share documents face to face with video conferencing.

Our Solution is the M2 GBM ePlatform. The M2 Global Business Model ePlatform is an online trade transaction ePlatform for importers, exporters, and freight forwarders to use ICC eRules for the exchange and presentation of electronic documents via the Internet.