ITFGlobal Limited

We provide online trade transaction management.

Our vision is to move the world's trade transactions to the Internet . . .

The Global Business Model M2 ePlatform (M2 ePlatform brings together each party to their trade transaction, or Case, into a video conference call (VC) with an ITF Trade Management Specialist (TMS). The TMS facilitates and manages the discussion between the parties. The importer, exporter, and freight forwarder can view the same trade document(s) at the same time; while the TMS properly completes, amends, corrects or edits the trade document (24 GBM eDocuments) being addressed by the parties to the transaction.

The Case file for the transaction can be viewed (not changed) by the counter parties at any time between the buyers Request For Quote (RFQ), ITF examination and negotiation of the final transport documents, to payment to the seller, and ITF release of the documents via download to the buyer. This is the present future of online world trade management.

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