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Our mission is to accelerate the world's trade to the Internet

The Global Business Model M2 ePlatform ​( ​moves trade from paper to the Internet. Electronic documents are used instead of paper without bank involvement following ICC eUCP 600 and GBM guidelines. The M2 brings together ​the buyer and seller into a video conference call (Zoom) with a​ ​Trade Management Specialist (TMS)​ who manages the ​transaction​ ​workflow ​between the parties. ​ ​The importer​ and​ exporter​ view the same trade transaction​ document​s​ at the same time​ online​, while the TMS ​edits the documents ​on their behalf. The process starts with a buyer's request for quotation and ends with the seller's payment after shipping documents are examined and approved. The M2 workflow strictly follows International Chamber of Commerce Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, publication 600, Supplement for Electronic Presentation 2.0 (eUCP published 1 July 2019). Membership (free), due diligence and visual communication are required. Transaction management fees are paid by the buyer. There is no transaction cost to the seller. Buyers and sellers in 175 countries deal directly with each other via M2 Platform. Internet technology includes; Google Cloud, Chrome, Zoom, ICC eRules, Starlink and the GBM. To start an online transaction contact "" .

The Case file for the transaction can be viewed (not changed) by the counter parties at any time between the buyers Request For Quote (RFQ), ITF examination and negotiation of the final transport documents, to payment to the seller, and ITF release of the documents via download to the buyer. This is the present future of online world trade management.

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